Aberdeen Conference

‘Working Together Works’
– Bill Archibald, MAPPA Co-ordinator
‘Forensic Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service’ – Dr Aileen Blower, Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
‘Female Forensic Mental Health Services in Scotland’ – Dr John Crichton, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist
‘Where are we at in Forensic LD? Subspecialities in Forensic Psychiatry’ – Dr Elizabeth Willox, Consultant Foresnic LD Psychiatrist
‘Providing a clear way forward: Using CAT to Integrate Forensic Services’ – Dr Mark Ramm, Head of Forensic Psychological Services
‘A Randomised Control Trial of a Psycho-education programme for people with psychosis’
Ms Helen Walker, Nurse Consultant and Senior Lecturer
‘The Way Forward: a New Build, a New Model, a Network’ – Dr Tom White, Former

‘Sexual Offences Protection Orders (SOPOs)’ – Detective Inspector Stewart Sloan
‘Managing Maternal Filicide’ – Dr John Crichton, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist