Forensic Network Advisory Board

Chaired by Dr Lindsay Burley, NHS Education for Scotland (NES) and accredited business coach and mediator. supports the Forensic Network to provide national strategic direction and bring a pan-Scotland approach to the planning of services and patient pathways, including development of information systems for the management of patients. The Board has a Governance role in overseeing the Clinical Conflict Resolution Process and in developing and supporting self-assessment and peer review as part of the Continuous Improvement Quality Standards Framework for secure services.

In addition, the Network Advisory Board supports NHS Boards across Scotland in the delivery of Forensic Mental Health Services as outlined in NHS HDL (2006) 48 (Scottish Executive Health Department, 2006) and in NHS CEL (2007) 13 (Scottish Government, 2007). This includes support to clinical governance arrangements. In this way, the Forensic Network Advisory Board develops and maintains links with Regional and Local colleagues across the NHS and with Partner agencies, such as SPS, Police, Social Work, Community Justice Authorities and Housing as well as user and carer organisations, in particular, the Forensic Network Health Inter Regional Planning Group, and Cross-Cutting Issues Forum.

Over the past year the work of the group has focused on the transfer of prisoners to hospital, the implementation of new drug testing protocol and implications across the estate, the draft guidelines for Novel Psychoactive Substances developed by the Prisoner Healthcare Managed Care Network, the National Prisoner Healthcare Network Mental Health Implementation Report, and the proposals for new directions with the management and housing of female offenders. The Forensic Network Advisory Board has provided an invaluable forum for discussing cross managed care network concerns, as well as continuing and maintaining the high standards of delivery and work conducted across all areas of the Forensic Network.