Forensic Network Social Work Sub Group


The Forensic Network Social Work Sub Group was established in September 2013 following endorsement by the ADSW Mental Health Sub Group and ADSW Community Care Standing Committee.

Drew Lyall (Senior Mental Health Officer, West Dunbartonshire CHCP) took over as Chair in September 2014.  The group meets quarterly, with one meeting taking the form of a conference.  Meetings are well attended from representatives across the country.  The original remit of the group is highlighted below.


  • To provide a forum for social work professionals working with/in forensic services to share knowledge, skills, experiences and best practice
  • To consider national policy, guidance and legislative changes and their impact upon practice
  • To coordinate responses to consultations on national policy and guidance as appropriate
  • To provide a forum for consideration of training and development opportunities for social work staff working with/in forensic services
  • To maintain links with the other professional groups sharing relevant minutes, papers and action plans as appropriate.
  • Provide information on the activity of the subgroup for inclusion in the annual Forensic Network Report
  • Update the ADSW Mental Health Subgroup and ADSW Standing Committee on the progress of the group as appropriate


The membership of the group consists of relevant social work staff working within mental health and criminal justice services.  The Chair and Depute Chair will initially be standing appointments which can be reviewed by the sub group on a bi annual basis.