Current Working Group

Electronic Monitoring

The Forensic Network have been asked to establish a SLWG to look at electronic monitoring with mentally disordered offenders. The group will be tasked with determining the views of police, criminal justice, social work, MAPPA and prisons on the use of electronic monitoring with mentally disordered offenders and conclude a consensus view on the use of electronic monitoring.

Admission Criteria to Scottish High and Medium Secure Units

A new working group has recently been commissioned by the Forensic Advisory Board to update the Network document.  ‘Admission Criteria to Scottish High and Medium Secure Units’ (Forensic Mental Health Managed Care Network, 2010).  This is in light of the extensive time passed since the documents initial introduction and in view of recent developments, such as excessive security extending to medium security and exceptional bed use in high security.  The first meeting of the group is planned for June 2016.

National Forensic Mental Health Services Estate Review

The Scottish Government requested a review of the clinical models of existing forensic mental health services and to make recommendations for a sustainable, fit for the future, service in Scotland. This review, which is lead by Andreana Adamson, has been supported by the Forensic Network and the results will be reported to the Scottish Government. The review aims to address issues and developments in:

  • The provision of high secure services for women
  • Prison transfers
  • Medium secure provision for men
  • Medium secure provision for learning disabilities
  • Appeals against excessive security in medium secure services