Graduate Certificate in Personality Disorder

This new graduate certificate follows a modular design and is a 60 credit programme (SCQF level 9), with each of the three modules carrying 20 credits. It has been developed by the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) in response to a demand for training programmes on the subject of personality disorder. Modules 1 and 2 can be ‘stand alone’, but if you would like to gain a specialist qualification in personality disorder, all three modules require to be completed.  The student who engages with this programme will be inspired to continue learning and developing their practice with people with personality disorder.

The content of this new programme reflects the breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding needed to work effectively with the person with personality disorder and / or relational difficulties. There is an emphasis on skills based work for this difficult to treat target population, making it unique to the academic field. The programme includes the following:

Module one -Theory of personality disorder

Module two – Risk assessment and management

Module three – Interventions and strategies.

The programme will be offered on a part-time basis and is delivered using a blended learning approach. This is a combination of taught sessions (at Hamilton campus) and on-line learning activity.  The taught sessions will be delivered by expert clinicians working in clinical practice.

This graduate certificate in personality disorder will be useful not only for those working in an NHS healthcare environment but for students from a range of settings. This includes voluntary and private agencies. It is anticipated that this programme will also attract practitioners from the police service, prison services and general adult mental health services, who already work with people with personality disorder.

As part of the student learning experience, students will be required to attend an induction event which will include an introduction to the university, teaching team, support services and fellow students in an informal and relaxed environment. Students will also be given the opportunity to engage with the Virtual Learning Environment and meet with the staff who will provide support for online learning throughout their learning journey.

If you would like to make an application or simply enquire about registering for the course please get in touch with Deborah Walker at or Helen Walker at