Census & Database

The third point prevalence data collection for the Forensic Network Inpatient Census was conducted on a patient whereabouts basis on the annual census date of the 26th of November 2015. Data were received from all inpatient sites and collated with the data returns from 2013 and 2014. Requests to access the Census data have been received from a number of sources and the data provided have helped to inform the development of trauma services, review of the forensic LD population, planning for the national evaluation of the Forensic Psychological matrix, and provide information on patient flow to the National Prison Healthcare Network.

Work with the National Information Systems Group (NISG) at NSS, on the development of the Forensic Inpatient Database has continued. A number of stages remain prior to the anticipated completion of the system in early 2017. These stages include local sites visits, user acceptance testing and a training programme for users. The database dataset has also been expanded beyond that originally used within the Census to include Forensic Psychological matrix assessment data with the aim of supporting the national evaluation of the forensic psychological matrix.