School Meetings

The SoFMH is governed by the School Governance Committee who meet biannually and an Operational Team who meet bimonthly and report to the Governance Committee.

School Governance Committee Meets twice per year Membership (Chair: Andreana Adamson, Secretary: Deborah Walker)

  1. Universities
  2. NHS Education for Scotland
  3. SoFMH Team
  4. Police
  5. SPS
  6. Scottish Social Services Council
  7. Strategic Planning & Governance

SoFMH Operational Team

MeetsĀ bi-monthly Membership (Chair: Lindsay Thomson, Secretary: Deborah Walker) *SoFMH Team (Nicol Shadbolt, Helen Walker, Jamie Pitcairn, Patricia Cawthorne, Moira Scott) Focus on Workplan

Research Special Interest Group

Meets four times per year Membership (Chair: Daniel Bennett, Secretary: Deborah Walker) * Multi-agency, all regions National and Cross Agency Research