School Governance Committee

The School Governance Committee supports the Forensic Network to meet its aims in regards to the oversight of education, training and research across forensic mental health services in Scotland, as set out by Scottish Government in 2003. In addition the School Governance Committee provides strategic advice and direction to support the continuing development and sustainability of the SoFMH and its objectives outlined below.

Objectives & Outcomes
1. Identify the market and priority requirements for education and training in Scotland and aggregate the demand to ensure viable and effective commissioning
2. Establish an infrastructure or framework for delivery of a practice-based education that considers requirements for specialists, practitioners and occasional worker. The framework should include details of resource implications
3. Scope existing forensic mental health education in Scotland across all relevant agencies
4. Evidence the requirements for specific forensic mental health training across agencies
5. Develop suitable training materials ensuring that there is an appropriate framework for delivery
6. Establish links with education and training providers to other agencies, such as SPS and Police training colleges

The Governance Committee has representation from:

  • Forensic Network
  • Chief Executive (Chair)
  • Medical Director
  • Nurse Consultant/(UWS)Senior Lecturer
  • Forensic Network Manager
  • Glasgow Caledonian University
  • New College Lanarkshire
  • NHS Education Scotland
  • Scottish Prison Service
  • Police College
  • Scottish Social Services Council
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of the West of Scotland

2015 – 2016
Over the past year focus from this Committee has been on the strategic development of partnerships with academic institutes, these have been in the form of an MSc in Health and Social Care (Forensic Mental Health) which is affiliated with Glasgow Caledonian University; a Module in Forensic Mental Health ran at New College Lanarkshire; and the Graduate Certificate in Personality Disorder ran at University of the West of Scotland. The Committee have also played a key role in over viewing training needs across the estate and the professional groups have been working in conjunction with this work plan to provide training needs analyses from their disciplines. Over the year links have been further strengthened with the National Prisoner Health Care Network who SoFMH have been supporting to explore their education and learning aims, while considering how the networks can work in parallel to achieve these aims.